Two Bridgeset 4

Bronx, New York

Two Bridgeset 4 is a 21-story mixed-use building consisting of retail stores at ground level, a second-floor community room, community facilities offices on the second and third floors, and 198 apartments on floors 4 through 21. Our design incorporated a small parking garage that serves the offices. The residential mix includes residents of different income levels, and thirty percent of the apartments serve families that are currently homeless. Two Bridgeset 4 was partially funded by a low-interest loan from the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Owner: Two Bridgeset Associates, L.P.

Structural: Rosenwasser / Grossman Consulting Engineers

Mechanical: Abraham Joselow P.C., P.E.

Electrical: Chester Schiff, P.E.

General Contractors: HRH Construction and Gotham Construction

Certificate of Recognition | Two Bridges Neighborhood Council