Sedgwick Houses Entrances

Bronx, New York

Portfolio / Housing / Affordable Housing 

We renovated seven entrances and lobbies for Sedgwick Houses, a 1950s New York City Housing Authority Development supportive housing development. The main challenge was providing Sedgwick Houses with ADA access to an upper elevator lobby which was 28 inches above the front entry, while also maintaining NYCHA’s strict requirements for visibility and security. We provided an interior ramp with a freestanding mailbox enclosure. The ramp afforded a bay window, which maximizes visibility into and out of the lobby, demarcates the entry of each building, and provides a location for a part-time tenant patrol desk.

The finishes are in keeping with the restrained character of the existing buildings. These include stainless steel for the storefronts, doors, railings, and mailbox enclosures, and tinted concrete with reflective aggregate for the floors, ramps, stair, and mailbox plinth. The two central columns are accentuated with brightly colored tile.

Client: New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

Structural: Dunne & Markis Consulting Structural Engineers

MEP: P.A. Collins P.E.

General Contractor: AJET Enterprises

Photographer: David Sundberg / Esto and T. Ligamari

2006, AIA New York State, Design Award for Interior Architecture, Citation

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