Mother Industries

New York, New York

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Working with Steven Sclaroff Design, we converted a former warehouse in Hell’s Kitchen into 23,000 square feet of flexible office space for Mother Industries, an international advertising agency. We preserved the rough-hewn original floors to maintain the connection with the building’s manufacturing history. A new central stair marries the three large floor plates and provides a cohesive visual and spatial connection. A generous skylight caps the stairway and filters light through the building in keeping with open ethos of the program. Below, the cafe anchors the space at the foot of the central stair where employees gather for coffee, lunch, and impromptu meetings. An open floor plan allows for a fluidity of spaces and is a catalyst for easy collaboration, critical to the creative work of the agency.

Pernilla Ammann

Art Installation Welcomes Students to PS32K

Art Installation Welcomes Students to PS32K

As part of the NYC Department of Education’s (DOE) Public Art for Public Schools (PAPS) program, artist Letha Wilson was selected to create site-specific artwork for the new addition at PS32 Samuel Mills Sprole School in Brooklyn. Installation of the three pieces,...