Milbank Locker Rooms

New York, New York

As part of the Children’s Aid Society, the Dunlevy Milbank Center is a community center offering comprehensive support to children and their families.

With an Olympic-sized indoor pool, a gymnasium, and an outdoor soccer field, the facility has been crucial to community building in Central Harlem for generations. The Center offers children and their families high-quality, after-school and athletic programming as well as medical, dental, and mental health services.  

ESKW/A’s mission was to reimagine the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms which were long overdue for updates. Original to the building, the locker rooms were inefficient, outdated, and didn’t represent the needs of the young people using them. Our objective was to provide a more open and efficient layout for the girls’ locker rooms and more privacy for the boys’ locker rooms. We worked with the Children’s Aid Organization’s palette of standard colors to link the space to the organization’s branding.

Bringing bright, warm, energy-efficient lighting to the space was a high priority, as well as selecting water-efficient fixtures for ease of maintenance and operations.

The Milbank Locker Rooms renovation is a project supported by New York City Economic Development Corporation.

Owner’s Representative: About the Work

Structural Engineering: Old Structures

Mechanical Engineering: Rosenthal Engineers

General Contractor: Concept CSI

Photography: Michael Grimm Photography

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