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New York, New York

Portfolio / Healthcare
St. Mary’s Center upgraded and expanded an existing health center located in the cellar space of a social services drop-in center. The renovated 4,000-square-foot clinic has an independent entrance served by stairs, and an entrance shared with the program on the upper floors, which is served by an elevator. The focus of the renovation was to provide independent public access to the clinic and to change the floor layout to reflect the upgraded and expanded program. Finishes and lighting were selected to make the space inviting despite the lack of daylight and the use of color serves to help organize the spaces.

The new clinic provides primary care and prevention services for children and adults. The clinic contains 9 exam rooms, nurse’s station, medication room, laboratory, and ADA-accessible bathrooms. Spaces exclusively used by staff are separated from the main clinic space through a series of doors. The clinic is NYSDOH approved and certified. Finishes and fixtures were selected with NYSOMH requirements in mind so that should the clinic choose to seek their certification at a later date, minimal changes would be necessary.

Client: St Mary’s Center

Agency: NYS Department of Health

MEP: Lana Naoum

General Contractor: Erin Construction

Art Installation Welcomes Students to PS32K

Art Installation Welcomes Students to PS32K

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