Denton Green Apartments

Garden City Park, New York

As seniors age, they require dynamic facilities that promote accessibility and ease-of-use. We renovated Denton Green, a 40-year-old Mitchell Lama senior housing facility in Nassau County, to provide accessibility and increased quality of life for residents. A new, fully landscaped central driveway provides direct access for visitors and emergency personnel as well as a comfortable gathering space both inside and out. We also added a second, fully accessible elevator to the building and created clearer paths to assist residents and visitors in moving through the building. The addition provides new social spaces with comfortable seating, ample daylighting, and bright new finishes. We updated the façade with new cement panels, which enliven the face of the building and emphasize the vertical piers. New energy-efficient windows add to the modernization of the façade.

Client: Denton Green Housing Co., Inc.

Developer: SKA Marin

General Contractor: Jobco

Photographer: T. Ligamari

Art Installation Welcomes Students to PS32K

Art Installation Welcomes Students to PS32K

As part of the NYC Department of Education’s (DOE) Public Art for Public Schools (PAPS) program, artist Letha Wilson was selected to create site-specific artwork for the new addition at PS32 Samuel Mills Sprole School in Brooklyn. Installation of the three pieces,...