892 Bergen Street

Brooklyn, New York

We designed this ten-story, 38-unit condominium building in Crown Heights with moderate income families in mind. We designed a distinctive appearance by alternating the direction of the traditional concrete plank and bearing wall construction and installing floor-to-ceiling glass. Along the non-bearing walls, steel columns lift the west side of the building, allowing it to visually float and mask the parking below. We juxtaposed handsome red brickwork with vertical panels of glass to create a bold profile. In dialogue with the fa├žade, the apartment interiors feature natural wood cabinets and floors that contrast with black granite countertops in the kitchen. The apartments are organized along a diagonal view from the entry through the living room to the floor-to-ceiling glazed windows, maximizing the perception of interior space. We used traditional construction methods and applied them in an innovative way to give 892 Bergen Street a quiet, contemporary design.

Client: CPC Resources, Inc.

Structural: Silman

MEP: P.A. Collins P.E.

General Contractor: Great American Construction

Photographer: Michael Weinstein and T. Ligamari

ESKW/A Service Day BBQ at Providence House

ESKW/A Service Day BBQ at Providence House

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