4380 Bronx Boulevard

Bronx, New York

The Bronx Boulevard Project is the renovation and conversion of a two-story, 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility into a 108-bed homeless shelter for Project Renewal. Originally constructed in 1928, the building most recently served as a factory for plastic and metal products. In addition to sleeping and bathing areas, the project includes space for medical and psychiatric treatment, social services, a dining room, recreation areas, and administrative components.

We used the strict New York City Department of Buildings guidelines as an opportunity to supply natural light and air in an unusual way: five torqued roof structures atop each sleeping quarter provide a special interior experience. The structures break down the scale of the 20-bed dorm rooms into perceptually unique components, creating a series of moments within each dorm.

Throughout the building, we infused the existing, rough manufacturing aesthetic with clean lines of the new architecture. We strategically left certain instances of metal and plastic deposits in place to preserve the muscular design. A local artist provided a decorative entrance grille that serves as the primary entrance to the building and as the visual interface between the local community and the shelter.

Client: Project Renewal

MEP: Abraham Joselow P.C., P.E.

Structural: Dunne & Markis Consulting Structural Engineers

Artist: Linda Cunningham

Contractor: Erin Construction & Development

Photographer: David Sundberg / Esto, T. Ligamari

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ESKW/A Service Day BBQ at Providence House

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