Fialka Semenuik, AIA / Associate

Fialka Semenuik joined the (formerly known as) Edelman Partnership / Architects in 2000 when we were located at 434 Sixth Avenue in the Village. We were an office of three partners (Judy, Randy, and Andrew), one office manager (Whitney), and one staff member (Kimberly)—and Fialka was our missing piece. She has since led the team on several community, healthcare, and housing projects, and her keen eye for detailing and commitment to design has made her an asset to the firm in the years since. Fialka’s contributions are more than the work, however. She started our office’s composting program before it was cool to compost food in the office setting, and she leads us in office yoga as often as we can convince her. She was also the first to introduce a kale salad (gasp!) at our office’s Thanksgiving potluck gathering.