When everything suddenly stopped in March 2020, the only thing some of us could do was keep going. Taking walks, riding bikes, noticing changes in the city, appreciating things we may not have prior to March 2020, looking for joy.

Our separation brought us together, in a way. Partner Andrew Knox captured images that let us appreciate parts of the city that lived on while so much was changing. He shared these with the office in a Pecha Kucha format, and we wanted to share them with you. Here they are in still format with some notes from Andrew’s presentation. We hope you enjoy them. Look closely; you will see his shoes in many of these!

Please feel free to share your images of the city from the last year on Instagram or in the comments section. We’d love to see what put a smile on your face, what brought you joy. #eskwarchitects

Cobblestones in the Bk Navy Yard: hard materials creating soft shapes

SoHo: Worn granite paving with worn anti-slip grooves













East River: Joy in seeing our past projects from a new vantage point. Appreciating the 3-dimensionality that Partner Harold Edelman aimed for. #wedidthat

Tadao Ando vs a dandelion. Winner is?















LES: obsessive street art partially obscured by crosswalk paving

Hudson Piers: extremely careful/obsessive planning and execution of fasteners on a pathway














Slate and Bluestone paving. Worn, edged, delaminating

Pigeon droppings or scatter art by Pat Steir?













An old tree adapts and struggles against an unforgiving wrought iron fence resulting in lovely forms.

Bed Stuy: carved brownstone. The color enhances the details.















Snow transforms a skylight grate

Bollards creating a nice irregular rhythm, much better than if installed perfectly straight.














Composition in Water

Every cyclists’ worst fear












New York is full of mini-monuments to our history. This one from the Revolutionary War Prison for Americans.

Ode to brick arches and cornices
















An already lovely brick pattern gets beautifully transformed by shadow.













Bronx River: enjoy some paddling, just NOT after a rain!

Go on. Show us what you like.