OUR PROCESS / Our working method is centered on close, ongoing client interaction that assures a quality result. Each project is directed by a Partner who regularly communicates with the client and is responsible for directing the entire process from initial programming through to the end of construction. Partners work closely with the Project Manager, who is responsible for day-to-day client interaction, team management, document production and coordination. Additional staff, including other Partners and Associates, join the team as appropriate for the project. We believe in keeping staff connected to projects from beginning to end not only for consistency of project knowledge but to give our staff a well-rounded experience that better serves subsequent projects.

Our strengths are in our ability to listen, learn, and apply our discoveries to every project. Each one is unique in its own set of goals and challenges. We endeavor to understand all needs and to assure a definitive and successful result is achieved. Weekly in-house team meetings ensure that project goals are met and issues that arise are dealt with expeditiously. Regular project meeting with clients and stakeholders occur bi-weekly or as dictated by the project needs and schedule.

During construction, we prefer weekly site visits and walkthroughs, even when meetings are bi-weekly. We find that working on site to understand and resolve issues with the team expedites responses and reduces delays. Our consultant teams also attend site visits and work with us to ensure the project develops according to the contract. There is often nothing more satisfying that the teamwork that occurs on site between Owner, Contractor, and Architect.