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WHO WE ARE / ESKW/Architects is a mid-sized architecture firm based in New York City. For over 50 years, we have partnered with our clients to create essential housing, schools, healthcare facilities, and similar institutions that enrich communities. Our work is thoughtful, pragmatic, and innovative. With every project, we focus on how we’re shaping the experience of residents, students, staff, clientele, visitors and neighbors.

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WHAT WE DO / Our award-winning projects are a result of experience, earned knowledge, and the creation of a positive client connection. We take pride in our relationships with clients and appreciate the opportunity to support their work. We advocate for our clients; we cheer their successes; and we aim to make their project development efforts rewarding. We approach each project as a true collaboration with people we are proud to work with.

HOW WE DO IT / Our working method is centered on a close and ongoing client interaction that assures a quality result. Each project is directed by a Partner who regularly communicates with the client and is responsible for directing the entire process from initial programming through to the end of construction. Partners work closely with Associates and Project Managers who are responsible for day to day client interaction, team management, document production and coordination. Additional staff, including other Partners and Associates, join the team on an as-needed basis. And we believe in keeping staff connected to projects from beginning to end not only for the consistency but to give our staff a well-rounded experience that better serves their growth and experience on future projects.