What a milestone! A decade has passed since New Settlement Community Campus opened its doors and began expanding opportunities for the youth and families of Mount Eden. Since 2012, the Community Campus has become a pillar of New Settlement and Settlement Housing Fund’s efforts to provide high-quality educational, community, and health programs to the Southwest Bronx neighborhood. Over the years, it has been an honor and pleasure to witness the growth, resilience, and vitality of the Mount Eden Community. Cheers to another decade and beyond!

The New Settlement Community Campus offers a unique model for school development. It includes two schools: a primary school and an intermediate/high school, plus a community center. Combined, the schools serve 1,163 students and the campus provides programming for thousands of neighborhood residents. Highlights of the program include a 75-foot swimming pool, an auditorium, a competition gymnasium, a library/technology hub, and an outdoor amphitheater and play yards.